Cancer and Aging

Our collaborative and multidisciplinary work in this area of research has begun to disentangle the effects of cancer treatment versus competing comorbid health conditions on frailty, geriatric syndromes and quality of life.  While working as a Health Scientist at the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Bellizzi was involved in the groundbreaking data linkage of NCI’s SEER registries with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare Health Outcomes Study – one of the largest national prospective studies focused on the experience of cancer and health outcomes in the elderly.  The first set of papers was part of a special supplement (2008) to the journal, Health Care Financing Review. Based on our work in this area, Dr. Bellizzi was invited to serve as guest editor of a special section of the journal, Cancer on the topic “Cancer survivorship and aging: Moving the science forward”.  Additionally, Dr. Bellizzi is editor of the groundbreaking 2012 book, “Cancer and Aging Handbook: Research and Practice” (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing).


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